All-Natural Waterproofing Agent

Jan 20, 11 All-Natural Waterproofing Agent

No one knows the power of word of mouth like a Latina. Just ask your cousin Juanita; news of her messy divorce traveled faster than the speed of light. It was the talk of the town for months. Once a piece of information is deemed worthy of being repeated, it will be passed around forever. Today we have a tip that is sure to be handed down for years to come: when it comes to waterproofing your leather boots, you’re probably partial to using petroleum-based solvents and sprays that are toxic to your health and the environment. You might want to go the all-natural route with lanolin, a natural oil found in sheep’s wool that helps keep them dry when it rains. It is sold in pharmacies and it can be extracted from the sheep without harming them, so you can stop worrying about PETA knocking down your door. Simply clean any dirt or debris off your boots before getting started, and then rub the lanolin in with a clean, soft cloth. Listo! Weatherproofed boots in minutes, plus a timeless tip to hand down to your nietos.

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