All About Latinos

Mar 08, 11 All About Latinos

You are a loud and proud Latina, always eager to get closer in touch with your roots and ready to share the wonders of our culture with anyone who might listen. Who can blame you? There are so many awesome things about being Latin. If you want to keep up with Latin-themed events around the country, want to find out the latest in Latin music and cinema, or are interested about learning more of our history check out Latinopia. As you might have guessed, they’re a site dedicated to all things Latin (don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes for that one). They provide all kinds of cool info, from where to find the best Mexican restaurants in your town to stories, interviews and videos on Latin music, theater, literature, art and much more. So if you want to know more about Latin entertainment that doesn’t necessarily include Shakira’s love life or where Christina Aguilera is falling down drunk now, stop by Latinopia and get yourself some cultura.

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  1. Veronica /

    love this new site! Thanks for sharing ….

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