Aguapanela: Colombians Secret to Curing a Cold

Jan 17, 12 Aguapanela: Colombians Secret to Curing a Cold

Ask almost any Colombiana and she knows aguapanela is a well kept secret to relieve flu symptoms usually prescribed by her abuelita or mama. Never heard of it?  It’s also known as piloncillo, papelón, raspadura and chancaca. Each Latin country has given it a different name but the results are the same: delicious relief.

You make it by boiling water and adding a chunk of panela. Once the panela is entirely melted, pour it into a mug with some freshly-squeezed lemon juice and a bit of honey. Drink it while it’s hot, but be careful. No te quemes. Esta caliente. Panela is unrefined whole cane sugar with large amounts of protein, calcium and ascorbic acid. These may be the secret ingredients that get you sweating it out like you’re hanging out in some Temazcal Nation sweat lodge, but mija, I promise you, you’ll feel better within minutes.

Panela has several uses in South America, Mexico and India. It’s used in beverages and desserts. But with flu season just beginning, aguapanela is your remedy that is mami approved.


  1. Itzel Yagual /

    Interesting! Wasn’t aware that aguapanela was a natural remedy.

    • LaCosmo /

      Si senorita. It has a host of nutritional properties, but drowning it in lemon and honey helps too. :)

    • Oh yes! It worked like a miracle. Goes to show, Mami knows best! :)


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