Agloves Loves Our Hands and Phone

Feb 16, 12 Agloves Loves Our Hands and Phone

We spend too much money on our manicures to let winter weather wreck havoc on our hands. However, most gloves don’t let us use our Smartphones.  And vivir sin celular? Never! What about when mami calls? We have to immediately answer our iPhone or she will call a full out search for us. It’s part of every Latina’s life.

There has to be an answer. We found it. Agloves are gloves made with real silver knitted into the fabric which allows the magic to occur from our gloved fingertips to our touchscreen phones. It can be used in the harshest weather conditions and they are washable!

Agloves makes gloves that keep our hands warm and allow us to text our hombre to let him know that the weather might be cold but our night will be smoldering hot!

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