Abuelita’s Beauty Secret for Beautiful Skin

Jan 20, 10 Abuelita’s Beauty Secret for Beautiful Skin

Ever wonder how Abuelita keeps her skin so smooth, vibrant and sin arrugas? Her secreto? Pure pulp of papaya. Everyday mi abuelita wakes up with her café con leche and a mascarilla of pure papaya on her face.

It looks a little miedoso, but it works wonders to make her skin look fresh, smooth and evenly toned. The natural enzyme in papaya, which is known as papain, dissolves dead skin cells and fades manchas y cicatrices (like those from those nasty pimples that you’ve picked). Ripe papayas are also rich in vitaminas and antioxidants that are known to be good to fight free radicals that leave your skin moisturized and suave. How to make a mascarilla de papaya:

1. Peel and remove las semillas of a ripe papaya.
2. Chop the papaya in pedacitos and make a purée.
3. Leave in la nevera to chill.
4. Smooth on face and leave it for 15-20 minutos.
5. Rinse off using agua fria.

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