A Very Nike Makeover

Jul 18, 11 A Very Nike Makeover

If you ever needed an excuse to get off your butt and get moving, this is it. Nike’s new workout gear has everything you need to make every exercise session comfortable and effective. Doesn’t hurt it makes you look muy caliente, too. LaCosmo was privileged enough to attend an exclusive event where celebrity trainer Ary Nunez led a team of Latina influentials in trying out the merchandise for ourselves, and explaining the ultra-cutting edge technology behind it. For instance, the ‘Nike Legend Pant’ is made out of recycled water bottles, which over this year’s Fall season will save enough energy to power 328 houses and enough water to fill 17 pools. That’s pretty mind-boggling, isn’t it? The improved sports bra features stronger shoulder straps and dry-fit technology to keep your boobs sweat-free and firmly in place. Lolas that stay dry and won’t pull a Lindsay Lohan on you; what more can you ask? No less impressive are the cross-trainer sneakers, which help activate more muscles by supporting the foot’s natural movement resulting in a stronger, more powerful you. This whole collection is part of Nike’s “Make Yourself” campaign, which aims to inspire women to be the best version of themselves they can be and achieve their goals. You can definitely count us in!

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  1. Denise /

    Nike products rock! Bought new sneakers today….

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