A Vacation To Remember

Nov 08, 11 A Vacation To Remember

With the economy continuing to suck, it’s not easy to plan an awesome vacation that won’t send your bank balance into a free fall. However, if you don’t require five star hotels and gourmet meals and would like to relive the carefree glory of your college days, you can strap on a mochila and circle the world on a minimal budget. There are many beautiful countries that offer incredible sights to see, food to eat and places to stay that won’t wring out your wallet. Greece, Croatia and Portugal are European paradises where your dollars will go farther than more expensive destinations like Spain and Italy. India, Sri Lanka and Bali are heaven for backpackers – tropical jungles, beautiful beaches, friendly locals and delicious food are just some of the delights that abound in these Asian destinations. If you want to practice your Spanish and see some world-famous sites, maybe even visit some long-lost cousins or something, try swinging down to Mexico, Peru or Brazil, where you will get plenty of bang for your buck. A memorable vacation doesn’t require piles of cash, just a pair of sturdy shoes and a great sense of adventure!

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