A Spunky Chica is Sexy

Jan 18, 10 A Spunky Chica is Sexy

Nothing turns a man on more than a woman who isn’t afraid to disagree with his opinion. It’s like the rush of a pillow fight when you were ten. We’re not saying disagree with everything, but holding your own in a political debate is a great way to show you have good intelligence genes.

That’s why we’re providing you with a cheat sheet (nadie dijo que tienes que jugar limpio). “The Week” is an online newspaper that presents right and left positions to issues. You’ll be able to defend your point from both sides of the fence. From news, to arts, to leisure “The Week” provides you with opinions from other magazines and newspapers. You get a good feel for which newspapers and magazines actually interest you. If you’ve never heard of “The Week” and want to wow your man the next time he brings up the nomination of Sotomayor, visit: http://www.theweek.com/

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