A Sparkling Novel

Mar 21, 11 A Sparkling Novel

I’ll confess, chick-lit is one of my guilty pleasures. Whether your usual literature of choice is a classic like Cien Años de Soledad or a serious paper like The New York Times, it’s always fun to immerse yourself in a fun, fluffy read. Double points if it has a Latina heroine in it. Find all that and more in Waking Up in the Land of Glitter, a wonderfully funny and warm novel about three artesanas and their daily struggles in Phoenix. Much of the book focuses on the crafts created by these three lovely ladies because it is written by the Crafty Chica herself, Kathy Cano-Murillo (what can’t this girl do?). The Spanish/Spanglish sprinkled throughout and the endearing supporting characters will remind you of your tias and bring a smile to your face. Don’t worry if your Español is less than perfect though, a glossary has been thoughtfully added so that even our gringa friends can enjoy this lovely tale of friendship. Go on, dive into the Glitter, you know you want to. It’s a book that sparkles, in every sense of the word. What’s not to love?

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