A Sincere Gracias To Our Readers

Nov 23, 10 A Sincere Gracias To Our Readers

A Sincere Gracias To Our Readers

Thanks to our designer who took a stab at writing #5 of our last Thank You List, since our Managing Editor was on vacation. We’re thankful you’re our talented designer, and NOT one of our Editors. Haha. 

That said, here’s the real McCoy. This is our Top 10 list of what we, at LaCosmopolatina, are thankful for. The list could go on forever, but we figured we’d stop at a nice, rounded number like 10.


I’m thankful for:

  1. Mi familia and my mom’s cantaleta, er, advice that shaped me into the stubborn but strong Latina I am today.
  2. Mis hermanas Latinas who love being Latina. You remind me everyday how beautiful, powerful and diverse we are.
  3. Los hombres in my life who give me male perspective with a good dose of practicality and humor; whose tech savviness never ceases to amaze me, who help me move heavy-ass couches or put up bulky frames, and who love me despite of myself. Who would blame you? ;)
  4. Mis amigas who just get me and love me, but still keep me grounded. (And no. Nobody is paying me to say this)
  5. My health. I’m no pollita, but I’m still strong and as healthy as an ox. My mind and sanity are intact. I have low cholesterol, a good set of teeth and no cavities. Everything else doesn’t really matter, without it.
  6. My past. It has taught me many lessons, such as patience and especially to watch where I walk in NYC when wearing my fabulous Jimmy Choos. Lost one too many of them in those damn street grids.
  7. My über talented taste buds that can savor my mom’s arroz con leche, ajiaco, mole; cheesy, just out-of-the-oven pan de yucasancocho, fresh granadillas, empanadas; and all things Latino that make my mouth jump for joy.
  8. For my sense of ritmo and spontaneity. Give me Latin music, especially cumbia or salsa, and I’ll dance anywhere.
  9. My passion, joie de vivre and being able to find the humour, beauty and irony in most things.
  10. Free room and board around the world because of my huge, jet-setting family. Just kidding! Not really. Mi casa es tu casa, too, so come and visit already.


Thank you all. And last but not least, thank you, LaCosmopolatina readers. Without you, we wouldn’t have these tips to share in the first place.

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