A Deodorant That’s Natural And Stain-Free?

Apr 28, 10 A Deodorant That’s Natural And Stain-Free?

So you’re standing in froA Deodorant That's Natural And Stain-Freent of the mirror, decked to the nines. Every detail is perfect, from your ‘do down to your Choos. You’re just giving yourself the last once-over before you step out the door. Suddenly (cue horror music), there it is: a big white smudge on the side of your LBD. The dreaded mark of deodorant.

And when it’s not white stains on black clothes, it’s yellow stains on white shirts. Que fastidio! You can’t sacrifice basic hygiene in order to protect your delicates because, let’s face it, that’s just a whole new set of problems waiting to happen. But what can you do?  And what if your deodorant irritates you more than Betty La Fea’s laugh (original Betty, not gringa Betty)? Either way, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal has the answer. Made from mineral salts and other natural ingredients, Naturally Fresh contains no harmful chemicals (like aluminum which has been linked to breast cancer) or nasty parabens, the villains du jour.  Its all-natural formula kills odor-causing bacteria while NOT ruining your wardrobe or irritating sensitive skin. NF is perfect for people who have allergies, are battling cancer or have simply had it up to here with their dry cleaning bills.”

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